Various Artists - Classic Film Themes of the 80s

Classic Film Themes of the 80s

Various Artists

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  1. Charles Fernandez - Axel F. (From "Beverly Hills Cop")
  2. Mark Northam - Love Theme for Solo Piano (From "The Blue Lagoon")
  3. Dominik Hauser - Main Theme (From "Body Heat")
  4. Dominik Hauser - Main Theme (From "Chariots Of Fire")
  5. Brandon K. Verrett - Main Title (From "Delta Force")
  6. Dominik Hauser - End Credits (From "Driving Miss Daisy")
  7. Dominik Hauser - It's a Long Road (Instrumental) (From "First Blood")
  8. Charles Fernandez - Main Theme (From "Fletch")
  9. Christopher Farrell - Main Theme (From "Hoosiers")
  10. Dominik Hauser - Main Theme (From "Inside Moves")
  11. Dominik Hauser - Part XIII: Main Theme (From "Jagged Edge")
  12. Dominik Hauser - Title Song (From "Looker")
  13. Dominik Hauser - Main Theme (From "Missing")
  14. Dominik Hauser - Main Title (From "Pee Wee's Big Adventure")
  15. Dominik Hauser - End Credits (From "Rain Man")
  16. Dominik Hauser - End Credits (From "Red Dawn")
  17. Brandon K. Verrett - Resolution (From "Runaway")
  18. Belinda Broughton - End Credits (From "Silverado")
  19. Dominik Hauser - March (From "Stripes")
  20. Brandon K. Verrett - Main Theme (From "The Terminator")
  21. Dominik Hauser - Wake Up (End Credits) [From "They Live"]
  22. Brandon K. Verrett - Anthem (From "Top Gun")