Dominik Hauser - Christmas At the Cinema

Christmas At the Cinema

Dominik Hauser

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  1. Dominik Hauser - Opening Music (From "A Christmas Carol")
  2. Dominik Hauser, Katie Campbell - Christmas Vacation
  3. Dominik Hauser, Katie Campbell - Christmas Time Is Here (From "A Charlie Brown Christmas")
  4. Dominik Hauser - Skating (From "A Charlie Brown Christmas")
  5. Dominik Hauser - Opening Titles / The House (From "Home Alone")
  6. Dominik Hauser, Katie Campbell - Somewhere In My Memory (From "Home Alone")
  7. Dominik Hauser - Holiday Flight (From "Home Alone"
  8. Dominik Hauser - Main Title (From "Elf")
  9. Dominik Hauser - Where Are You Christmas (From "How the Grinch Stole Christmas")
  10. Dominik Hauser, John Kapelos - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (From "How the Grinch Stole Christmas")
  11. Dominik Hauser - Overture (From "The Nightmare Before Christmas")
  12. Dominik Hauser - Main Theme (From "The Polar Express")
  13. Dennis McCarthy - A Christmas Hug (From "Star Trek Generations")
  14. Dominik Hauser - Christmas Carol / Mother Genes (From the "The X Files")
  15. Dominik Hauser - Patch, Natch (From "Santa Claus: the Movie")
  16. Dominik Hauser, Katie Campbell - Thank You, Santa (From "Santa Claus: the Movie)
  17. Dominik Hauser - A Christmas Carol (From "Scrooge")
  18. Dominik Hauser, Brian Hacksaw Williams, Chase Masterson - December the 25th (From "Scrooge")
  19. Dominik Hauser, Robert Picardo - I'll Begin Again (From "Scrooge")
  20. Dan Redfeld, Elizabeth Hedman - Main Theme (From "The Snowman")